Your residence permit expires and you must renew it - 2021

This page has been updated according to the latest instructions from the prefecture on 23/06/2021.

Will your visa or residence permit expire soon?
You must submit a renewal request on ANEF *, a web platform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

* ANEF is the digital administration for foreigners in France, which allows you to submit your renewal request without going to the préfecture, no need for a paper file, everything is done online

Before starting, please download the list of documents to provide:

>>> Download the list of documents <<<


The CMI offers face-to-face appointments to come and take this step in our premises. Computers are available and a member of the team will assist you during the online process.
Remote assistance by email and by video appointment is possible on request.
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To request a video appointment, send an email to


Here is the 3-step process:

1 - REQUEST FOR RENEWAL ON ANEF: 2-3 months before the expiration of your title

This must be done at the earliest three months before the expiration of your current residence permit and at the latest two months before the expiry.
That is to say, you have a period of thirty days during which you can submit your application, even if you are still missing the new student card or the final transcripts.

For example: if your current residence permit expires on November 21, you can apply online between August 21 and September 21.

>>> To connect to ANEF click here <<<


2 - RECEPTION of a certificate of extension of rights if your file is complete

If you make your request during the summer months, you may not yet be able to register for administrative purposes and you do not have the final transcripts either, which is why the prefecture tolerates the absence of these two supporting documents in the files. 
You can provide them later. However, you can temporarily attach the transcripts available on the ENT.


An agent from the prefecture will then check all the documents for your request.
Note: the instruction time is several weeks.
If your request contains all the other supporting documents:

  • a certificate of extension of rights will be automatically sent to you through the online platform, and as soon as you can provide the final transcripts, the residence permit will go into production.
  • you will be able to collect your residence permit as soon as you have the final 2021/2022 registration.

 The certificate of extension of rights for the summer is the result of collaboration between the CMI Rennes and the prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine, which means that this is not valid for the other prefectures.


3 - ​WITHDRAWAL OF THE RESIDENCE TITLE at the prefecture by providing the final registration certificate

To collect your residence permit at the prefecture, you MUST provide your student card or your official 2021-2022 registration certificate.



Why make an appointment at the CMI?

This meeting is not compulsory because you can do the whole process yourself on your own PC, however at the CMI you will have computers at your disposal, but above all support in French, English and Spanish during the tele-procedure. 

This allows you to have advice and answers to your questions. 

If I don't have a 2021-2022 student card, can I leave the step blank?

No, you must provide something: a certificate of admission for the new year, or certificate of pre-registration or acknowledgments of receipt of application for a Master, for example.

If you do not have any of these documents then put the 2020-2021 student card. But at the end of the application, in the field reserved for this purpose, do not forget to write the following message: "I am requesting an extension of my current residence permit while waiting to have my new student card at the start of the school year."

I don't have my final transcripts yet, what should I do?

In the same way that registration is not compulsory during the online application made during the summer, the final transcripts are not compulsory, but the provisional transcripts of the ENT can be attached in the meantime. in order to receive at least one certificate of extension of rights.

I have to return to my country this summer, will I be able to travel with the certificate of rights?

The certificate of extension of rights allows you to travel outside the borders of the Schengen area but due to the health crisis, travel is not recommended because the regulations can change from day to day and restrictions may be imposed by the airline or the country you want to travel to.

What are the deadlines for submitting my file?

The application must be submitted no later than two months before your residence permit expires.
Be careful, you cannot deposit it too early either. The ANEF platform allows you to do this between D-3 months and D-2 months before the expiry of your visa / residence permit.

Example: if your residence permit expires on August 23, you can apply between May 23 and June 23.

I am enrolled in an establishment in Rennes but I live in another department, which prefecture will process my file?

You must submit your request on an online platform, there is no need for an appointment unless you need help from the CMI.
You will do all your formalities online and the final step, that is to say the production of the residence permit, will be managed by the prefecture of your place of residence.

Thus, if you have indicated an address in Nantes, it is at the Nantes prefecture that you will have to collect the residence permit.

I am moving to another city or region, where should I collect my residence permit?

You must indicate your current address when filing and attach proof of less than 6 months and it is the prefecture corresponding to this address that will produce your residence permit.

You therefore do not have to do anything else if you move (no need to notify the prefecture), on the other hand, you must plan that if you move to Marseille you will have to come and collect your residence permit from the Rennes prefecture if it is a Rennes address that you have indicated, it will not be sent to you by post and no one other than you will be able to collect it.

What documents do I need to provide to justify my resources?

We advise you to upload your bank account statements for the last three months (which you will attach in the section "I have sufficient personal resources").
If you are working, you can also add your latest payslips and / or contracts (in the "employee" section).

If you are being helped financially by another person, you will need to add a certificate from this person indicating that they are transfering you money into the bank account or that they help you with occasional cash… a copy of their ID or residence permit, last three payslips and last tax notice (in the "financial support" section)