Visa / residence permit renewal - summer 2021

How to ask for your visa/residence permit renewal during this summer?

Your visa/residence permit is about to expire?

You must request its renewal on the ANEF platform at least two months before the end of this residence permit.
The CMI can help you with this application

Apply for renewal online

The new 2021/2022 student card is required among all the supporting documents required to renew your visa / residence permit.
If you are unable to provide it during your online application, the prefecture may exceptionally issue you a certificate of extension of your rights.(attestation de prolongation de droits)

This certificate allows you to work during the summer or to receive social benefits (CAF) but also to travel (depending on the restrictions that may happen due to the health crisis).
The validity of this certificate starts from the end of your current visa / residence permit and lasts 3 months.

After having delivered the certificate to you by email, the prefecture automatically closes the request that you have submitted, so you will have to submit an online request again as soon as you have the new student card (2021/2022) and if possible before the end validity of your certificate.

From that moment, a residence permit will go into production (after the processing time by the prefecture) and you can follow the progress of the processing of your application online on your personal account (ANEF). You can do this yourself from home on the ANEF platform and communicate with us by email if you have any questions (when you proceed with your request, it is possible to quit the application, the fields already filled in and the attached documents are saved for you to come back to later).

You can also benefit from the support of the CMI during face-to-face meetings. There you will complete your paperwork on the CMI computers or come with your own PC to apply online with the help of the team. (wifi available: Eduroam and Eduspot) from May 31st to July 1st.

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If I do not have a 2021-2022 student card, can I leave the step blank?

No, you must provide something, a certificate of admission for the new year, or certificate of pre-registration or receipt of application for a Master for example.
If you do not have any of these documents then put the 2020-2021 student card. But at the end of the application, in the field reserved for this purpose, do not forget to write the following message, in french: "Je demande une prolongation de mon titre de séjour actuel en attendant de disposer de ma nouvelle carte étudiant à la rentrée prochaine en (bachelor/licence, master, etc.) dans l’établissement (your school or university)." 

I have to return to my country this summer, could I travel with the certificate of rights?

The certificate of extension of rights allows you to travel outside the borders of the Schengen area but due to the health crisis, travel is not recommended because the regulations can change from day to day, restrictions may be imposed. by the airline or the country you want to travel to.

What is the deadline for submitting my file?

The application must be submitted no later than two months before your residence permit expires. On the other hand, you cannot deposit it too early either. The ANEF platform allows you to do this between Day - 3 months and Day - 2 months before the expiry of your visa / residence permit.
i.e: if your residence permit expires on August 23rd, you can apply between May 23rd and June 23rd.

I am enrolled in an establishment in Rennes but I live in another “département”, which prefecture should I contact?

You will submit your request on an online platform, there is no need for an appointment unless you need help from the CMI. You will do all your formalities online and the final step, that is to say the production of the residence permit, will be managed by the prefecture of your place of residence.
Thus, if you have indicated an address in Nantes, it is at the Nantes prefecture that you will have to collect the residence permit.
The certificate of extension of rights for the summer is the result of collaboration between the CMI Rennes and the prefecture of Ille et vilaine, which means that this is not valid for the other prefectures.

What documents to justify my resources?

The mandatory document that the prefecture requests are the bank account statements for the last three months (which you will attach in the section "I have sufficient personal resources"/"je dispose de ressources personnelles suffisantes").
If you are working you can also add your latest payslips and / or your contracts (in the “employee”/"salarié" section).
If you are being helped financially by another person, you will need to add a certificate from this person indicating that they are paying you money into the bank account or that they help you with occasional cash… a copy of theirID card or residence permit, last three payslips and last tax notice (in the "financial support"/"prise en charge financière" section). This implies that the person must live in France. If she/he does not, you must give proof that this person is helping you (with your bank statements or money tranfers) in the “I have sufficient personal resources” section.

The CMI helps you

The CMI team will explain how to proceed with this request and answer your questions.

To help you, the CMI offers:

  • virtual group meetings to explain step by step the renewal procedure on ANEF during the summer. These meetings will take place on Mondays at 10 a.m. and Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m. Join here:
  • face-to-face meetings where you can do your paperwork on our PCs and with the help of the team. Make an appointment: click here.

 Please note, you must have all the necessary documents on a USB flash and filed: check that you do not forget any documents during the procedure and that the documents you provide are correct (corresponding to what is requested and carefully scanned or photographed). Download the list of documents.

  • You can also ask your questions, if you want to ensure that your documents are ok, by sending an e-mail and the CMI team will assist you:

Travel recommendation

  • In this period of health crisis, CMI Rennes recommends that students wishing to travel first find out about the existing travel restrictions in France and in the countries of destination.
  • It is also preferable to check with embassies and airlines to check that borders are not closed and / or that flights are not canceled. With lockdowns in some countries, consulates can be closed and international flights suspended.
  • This information may change quickly as the health situation progresses, so check updates on a regular basis. If the borders are closed and flights canceled, even if you have a valid travel document (residence permit, visa or favorable opinion certificate), you might not be able to return to French territory.

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