Opening a bank account

What for?

If you already own a bank account in your country, you may wonder why bother opening a new one in France. If this can seem pointless, it will be necessary in many everyday processes. The opening of bank account in France enables you to:

  • Do bank transfer to pay your rent, your registration fees or your mobile phone / internet subscription.
  • Benefit from the CAF and the CPAM, which will not be able to transfer money on a foreign bank account.  
  • If you work, a French bank account will be necessary to get your salary.

What is a RIB?

The RIB (Relevé d’Identité Bancaire) is a document mentioning the exact address of your account in France.
This document also mention your IBAN and BIC number, which can useful internationally.
The CAF, the CPAM, and your employer if you work will ask for it.

Documents to provide

You must make an appointment with the bank where you want to open your account.
The CMI is used to work with the CIC, the BNP and the Crédit Agricole.
If you need it, we can help you in the application process, but you can completely choose another bank. Several documents will be necessary for this appointment:

  • If you are from the European Union, your ID card
  • Otherwise, your passport (identity page + visa or current récépissé / residence permit)
  • A proof of address of less than three months (water, electricity, or gas bill, or a housing insurance certificate. /!\ a rent receipt cannot be accepted)
  • If you work, you can join a copy of your contract