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Residence permit / visa - Renewal and summer extension

Updated : May 15th - 2.30pm

The public reception of the Ille-et-Vilaine prefecture has just opened at the beginning of the week (after being closed for two months). A lot of delay has been accumulated, we do not yet know how the prefecture will be able to organize its services in the next weeks.

For students whose residence permit expires in the coming months, we can only recommend waiting for the moment before knowing the procedure to follow.

Making an appointment for the renewal or extension of residence permits is still suspended in the prefecture and therefore also in the CMI, whose reception remains closed and where the prefecture cannot send agents for these procedures.

We hope to know more soon:

  • when the appointment is put back in place,
  • where to make an appointment (on the CMI or prefecture website),
  • will the government wish to take new measures, since the automatic extension of long stay visas, residence permits and récépissés concerned documents expiring until may 15th.

As soon as new information is communicated we will publish it
on our website as well as on our Facebook page and Twitter account.