Residence permit renewal: new deadlines

Renewal of you resident permit:
Watch out for the new deadlines!

Since May 1st, 2021, the deadlines for submitting a residence permit application have been changed.
Article R431-5 1 ° of the CESEDA provides for the request for a residence permit must be made between the 4th and the 2nd month preceding the expiration of the current residence permit.

Any request made more than 6 months after the expiration of the current residence permit will be inadmissible  (art R 431-8 CESEDA).

Pleas note: A 180€ fee could now be charged for any request made  between the 2nd month before expiration and the 6th month after expiration. 
So remember to make your renewal request in due time!

For the start of the 2021 academic year, the Prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine has decided not to apply the 180€ fine, but this should not last. Pay attention to the expiry date of your residence permit!