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Income tax / Declare your 2019's incomes now

Deadline for submitting 2019 French Tax declaration online must be completed by the 8th of June 2020 – Midnight

First time you declare your French tax return

It is now compulsory to file tax returns online.
To proceed, apply online for a tax number on this website.

Following your application for a tax number and after your identity has been officially checked, you will receive an email from your local tax office providing your tax number and access codes enabling you to create a personal account on the national tax office website.

You have already filed a French tax declaration or are already in the system

Pre-filled form is available online on website.  

As you need some numbers that feature on your last avis d’imposition (income tax statement), you will be asked to create a password to connect on your “espace particulier

  • numéro fiscal
  • numéro d'accès en ligne 
  • revenu fiscal de référence

Income tax statement will be available  on your "espace particulier" around mid- to late-August for the amount of taxes due. 

More informations

> Check out the practice tax returns “guide to doing your taxes”
> Online income tax return procedure