CMI virtual welcome meetings

New in 2022, the CMI Rennes is offering virtual welcome meetings to future international students, PhD students and researchers in Rennes. The purpose of these meetings is to inform and provide support to students who are still in their home country, before they even arrive in France.

If you need information about residence permits, housing, and daily life in Rennes, the CMI team will be available to answer your questions on the virtual CMI. They'll inform you about the steps to take before your arrival in France and upon your arrival.

These meetings will take place every Wednesday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, from Wednesday June 1st to Wednesday July 13th. 

In order to welcome you in the best conditions, the CMI recommends that you make an appointment: 

>>> Appointments for students <<<

>>> Appointments for PhD / reasearchers <<<


You can join the virtual CMI by clicking HERE or on the picture below.