Mobil'home: international students' housing assistance

The CMI Rennes supports international students in their search for accommodation: appointments, tools, help with setting up files...
ATTENTION / The CMI does not own any accomodation. 
 If you need support, you can make an individual appointment here: ESPACE RENDEZ-VOUS


To know before starting your research: 

  •  It is very difficult to find accommodation in Rennes. Thus, you must have a perfect and complete file to get a chance to be choosen by a landlord. You must therefore complete your file before starting your research. The usual required documents are: 
  • Passport
  • Visa or residence permit
  • Student card or student certificate
  • Scholarship or any proof of incomes
  • Guarantee:
°  Either you know someone living in France who can give you : his 3 last payslips, his last income tax paper, his ID or resident permit card, and a proof of accommodation in France
°  you don’t know anyone in France, you can apply for the VISALE guarantee, it is quick (48 hours) and free. You must be under 31 years old to apply. Visal website
TUTO - faire sa demande Visale:


Watch out for SCAMS:

  1. ALWAYS visit the flat BEFORE paying the rent. Sometimes there are fake ads on the internet. Never pay for accommodation from abroad. We strongly recommend that you sign the rental agreement (and make the payments) after viewing the accommodation.
  2. Some agencies also offer accommodation listings in exchange for payment (around € 150). These agencies are to be avoided because you have no guarantee of finding accommodation after paying this amount. You can rent accommodation through a traditional agency: all visits are free. You only pay the agency fees once your file has been accepted and when the rental contract is signed.

Where to look for accomodation?

As many international students are looking for accommodation at the start of the school year. You may not be able to make an appointment quickly with a CMI agent.
In order to do your research on your side, here is a list of housing ad sites:

In need of a temporary accomodation:

While waiting to find accommodation to settle in, you may need a temporary solution.
Here are some ways to find a room or a short-term rental:
To make an appointment, click on the button below: