Université de Rennes 1

Rennes 1 University is descended from the Université de Bretagne, founded in 1460, which moved to the Breton capital city in 1735. Today, the university encompasses most of the major fields of human knowledge, with an emphasis on the sciences: science and technologies, health sciences, social sciences and philosophy. Rennes 1 is the region's largest university, and progress, innovation and entrepreneurship lie at the heart of its development strategy. It features in the Shanghai league table.

Key figures

  • 24,000 undergraduate, graduate and PhD students
  • 1,800 continuing education students
  • 1,050 PhD students
  • 9,930 qualifications delivered every year
  • 1,800 teaching and research staff
  • 39 research units
  • 3 campuses in Rennes and 5 sites throughout Brittany
  • 19 faculties and sub-units (9 Teaching and Research Faculties, 7 Institutes including  4 IUTs, 2 engineering schools, 1 observatory)
  • 1 university foundation

Degree programs

  • physics, chemistry, mathematics, life and environmental sciences;
  • electronics, computer science and information technology, engineering sciences and technology;
  • medicine, pharmacy, dentistry;
  • law and political science, economics, management, public administration, philosophy.

International relations

Rennes 1 has signed 143 cooperation agreements or exchange protocols with universities in 41 different countries. All the university's degree programs are internationally oriented, and it delivers several international qualifications, including 2 Erasmus Mundus Master's Degrees. The university hosts some 3,000 international students every year.

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