École Normale Supérieure de Rennes (ENS Rennes)

ENS Rennes

The ENS Rennes is part of a long line of "écoles normales supérieures", institutions set up two centuries ago to train France's intellectual elite. Its alumni aim for academic careers as teaching researchers and receive high-level tuition in a range of specialized subject areas, while perfecting their research skills in leading research laboratories.

Key figures

  • 370 students
  • 60 teaching and research staff
  • 8 programs leading to the "agrégation" (competitive exam) in 8 disciplinary fields or sub-fields, for those aiming for academic careers as teachers and/or researchers.
  • 5 faculties
  • 7 research laboratories

Study programs

  • Economics – Law – Management
  • Computer science and telecommunications
  • Mathematics
  • Mecatronics
  • Sports science and physical education

International relations

With over 130 international and academic research agreements, its very own international scholarship programme and a strong implication in specific joint international programmes, students at the ENS Rennes are permanently immersed in an international environment. Mobility is highly encouraged with 75 % of students on the Ker Lann Campus going abroad each year on placement (within research laboratories worldwide) or on study abroad.
Through our International Scholarship over 20 foreign postgraduates are admitted each year along with over 30 international joint PhDs and a large number of exchange students through our Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus Socrates, Tempus and Fulbright programmes.

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