Your stay in Rennes

Rennes, France's tenth largest city, is just the right size for citizens and visitors alike to feel at home.

Rennes is regularly in the "top ten" when it comes to places where people want to live, and is famous throughout France for its vibrant arts and entertainment scene. It is also known for its academic environment, with a dense network of universities, "Grandes Écoles", research laboratories, and R&D centers. The city's thriving economy goes hand in hand with its role as a political, judicial and administrative hub.

Rennes can also boast a rich and varied historical heritage going back thousands of years. As befits Brittany's historic "capital" city, Rennes' development has always been closely linked to that of Brittany itself, a region with a strong identity, full of tradition, history and legends, attracting over 12 million visitors every year. Brittany attracts over 12 million visitors annually and is the second most visited region in France.