Finding accommodation in Rennes

The CMI Rennes helps international students looking for accommodation.
We don’t own any accommodation but we can help you to find one. You can make an individual appointment with us

Before starting

Looking for accommodation in Rennes, especially at the beginning of the academic year, can be long and difficult.
We advise you not to wait till the last minute to start looking.
Thus, you must have a perfect tenant file to get a chance to be choosen by a landlord. The usual required documents are:
  • Passeport

  • Student card or student certificate

  • Scholarship or any proof of incomes

  • Guarantee:

    • Either you know someone living in France who can give you: their 3 last payslips, their last income tax paper, their ID or resident permit card, a proof of accommodation


    • If you don’t know anyone in France, you can apply for the VISALE, it is quick (48 hours) and totally free :

The guarantor

In order to rent an accommodation in France, you will need a guarantor who lives in France.
If you don't have a guarantor: apply for a visale guarantee. You can apply for this guarantee as soon as you get your visa (even if you have not yet found an accommodation):



Watch out for scams! 

Beware of scams: never pay a private landlord before having signed the lease and if possible having visited the accommodation.
Some agencies will ask you to pay around 150€ to provide you with a list of accommodations: don’t go with these agencies. If you want to rent a flat through an agency, you have to know that all visits are free and you will only pay the agency fees when you will sign the contract with them.
We recommend the use of trustworthy websites such as Lokaviz

For any questions about accommodation, feel free to contact us at  :

Adverts (private individuals)

  • The owner rents his property without an estate agent
  • No agency fees to pay
  • Some units are furnished, including studios



Adverts estate agents

  • The owner goes through a real estate agency to rent their housing
  • Agency fees are expected
  • It is rare to find furnished accommodation


Adverts (notaries)

  • Same principle as the estate agents
  • Notary fees are less important


Temporary accommodation

Hotels, lodges, guest houses, campsites, etc..


Student housing

The apartments offered by CROUS and homes are exclusively for students, doctoral students included (up to 32 years).



Private residences

  • Rental studios, T1, T2 and T3 for all public
  • Rarely furnished housing


How to find an accomodation in Rennes surroundings area

You are most likely to find an accommodation by widening your search area! Don't hesitate to look for accommodation in Rennes surroundings area. The towns and cities around Rennes are very well served by public transportation.

To find out which buses run near your future accommodation and to estimate your travel time, visit the website (transport network of the Rennes metropolitan area).