Football World Cup 2019

Football tournament by country or continent aimed to students, phds and reseachers

Saturday, October 5th 2019, Campus Beaulieu

Participate to the CMI Rennes World Cup

The CMI in partnership with the SIUAPS organizes a friendly sporting event: an international football tournament for students, Phds, researchers.

Please note !  Maximum two teams by country or continent (ex. Spain 1, Spain 2 ; Brazil 1, Brazil 2, ect…)

How to subcribe

1. Set up your team mixed of 7 players and 3 substitutes by country or continent

2. Sign up your team online before the 29th of September via the form below.
    Please note !  Free entry but compulsory registration.

3. It will be held at Beaulieu Campus on October 6th.

> Registration open on Monday, August 26th <