Job search residence permit (ex-APS at the end of studies)

You are at the end of your studies (Master 2, last year of the Engineering cycle) and wish to apply for a residence permit "recherche d’emploi/création d’entreprise" (formerly APS end of studies).

1 - If you already have the certificate of successful completion of the master's or engineering degree ("attestation de réussite" or diploma) and your residence permit is valid:

Please send your application by file at the following address :

CMI Rennes (M2 fin de formation carte RE/CE)
Cité Internationale Paul Ricœur
1 place Paul Ricœur
35000 RENNES

 If you send your file by post, don’t use « lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception »


After reception and verification of your file by CMI agents, we will give your file to our contact in prefecture.
To benefit from this 2-step procedure, you must be registered as a Master 2 student for the year 2022-2023 in a member institution of CMI Rennes.

The following documents are requested:

  • a letter stating the nature of your request (“demande de titre de séjour recherche d’emploi”) with your contact details, your mobile phone number and your e-mail address
  • good quality copies of the documents indicated on following list (if you do not yet have the diploma, a copy of the certificate of success). Do not miss out the 2nd page and sign the CERFA.

The Prefecture can summon you for any further information or in the event of the need to take your fingerprints.

To limit passage at the Prefecture and speed up the processing time, no receipt will be issued during the processing of your request.
You will keep your current residence permit until the new residence permit is issued.


2 - If you do not yet have the certificate of successful completion of the master's or engineering degree and your residence permit has expired or will expire before the date of the defense:

You can receive an extension while waiting to apply for the "Job Search" residence permit.
You will have to apply on ANEF website at least 2 months before the expiry of your current title

 When you apply, please provide your 2022-2023 student card and in the diploma or certificate of achievement section. Please provide a certificate of extension of the course that you can request from your schooling specifying the end date of your internship or your defense of traineeship.

At the end of the online request, a frame is available so that you can add a message to the prefecture agent. You can indicate, in this context: "I am a student at the end of Master 2 and I request the extension of my current residence permit in order to complete my course, my internship ends ... + date / I must support my internship memory on / to around…."

The prefecture will process your request and provide you with a certificate of extension of the instruction. This certificate will allow you to work, travel and keep your social rights.

Once you have obtained your certificate of achievement or diploma and you wish to stay in France to look for work, you can apply for a "job search" residence permit(carte de séjour recher d’emploi) following the procedure indicated in option 1 (see above).