You are not in France: return visa / new visa

My visa, residence permit or récépissé expires before March 16

Please send the following information by email
(your message will not be read until August 18)

  • Last name
  • First name
  • University/school
  • Visa expiration date and date of birth

NB: Attach your visa as well as your student card.


If my visa, residence permit or récépissé between March 16 and June 15

Your visa, residence permit or récépissé is automatically extended by an additional 180 days.
Your rights to social benefits or to work are extended, as is your right to return to French territory.

Your visa, residence permit or receipt expired after June 15

- If you have currently a residence permit request processing in prefecture and you have a récépissé, you can apply for a return visa (visa de retour) from the French consulate.
When you return to French territory thanks to this visa, you can collect your permit if it is ready or continue the renewal procedure that you had started before you left.

- If your residence permit or visa has expired and you have not started the renewal process before leaving, you must apply for a new student visa (VLS-TS) from the French consulate.
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