Your residence permit or visa expires and you have to renew it

You must submit your renewal request on the new online platform.

Face-to-face appointments are not possible. However, online assistance is still available. Two solutions:

  • If you have any questions when completing the online application or have any doubts regarding the documents to be provided, do not hesitate to send us a mail:
  • We can meet online so it is easier for you to show from you screen, steps where you have questions or issues.

 In order to prepare the various supporting documents on your computer, download the detailed list of documents (in French) to be provided below :

You must attach:
  • all necessary documents in digital format  (good quality scan or photo) without exceeding 10MB per file,
  • an e-photo. photos must be in digital format, so they must be taken in an approved photo booth. You must select the "E-photo pour titre de séjour // E-photo for residence permit card" format. When completing the application, the e-photo identification number will be asked. Find the nearest photobooth here.
Each supporting document (passport, transcripts, resources certificate...) must be in one and the same document for each (one document for the passport, one for the transcripts... allowed format are JPG/PNG/PDF). 

However, you will be able to download up to 3 files for each supporting document requested: for example, for payslips you can download the last 3 payslips in 3 different files, or if you live with a private individual you can download a first file which is the accommodation certificate, a second file which is the host's ID and a third file which is the proof of address (less than 6 months old).

If you have more than three documents to upload, you can merge several of them into a unique PDF so it will not exceed the limit of 3 files max.

With this new procedure you will no longer receive a récépissé but a "certificate of deposit".
The processing time for requests by prefecture officials is several months, so do not wait for your residence permit to expire to make your request.


You must make your request on the platform between 2 to 3 months before the expiry of your stay. Example: if your residence permit expires on 08/20/2021, you can apply between 05/22/2021 and 06/22/2021.

Do not plan to travel outside France in the coming months because the deposit certificate (attestation de dépôt) will not allow you to return to France if your residence permit has expired.

Only the certificate of extension of the instruction/attestation de prolongation de l’instruction (ADP) issued after study of your request by a prefecture officer will allow you to travel, this is also the case for the certificate of favorable decision/attestation de décision favorable (ADF) which is issued to you in pending delivery of the residence permit.

The ADP issued on the occasion of a renewal request allows travel. This mention is made explicitly on the document

ADF holders who have not yet been able to withdraw their residence permit can also travel. This mention does not yet appear explicitly on the document. The border authorities have been informed that is why it is recommended to enter the European Union through a French entry point.

Once you have submitted your application online, the certificate of deposit (attestation de dépôt) that you download is only an acknowledgment of receipt. Thus, if you work (student job, work-study contract) you will have to apply for a certificate maintaining your rights (work, travel, CAF):  click here to apply.

Click on the button below to submit your renewal request: 

Would you like to complete your application by  yourself?
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