Residence permit information

See the CMI's recommendations and support options based on your current situation.

You have already submitted your residence permit request on ANEF 

It could be both a first request or a renewal request

The processing time is approximately 2 months (this is why it is imperative to submit your request at least two months before the expiration).

If it has been less than 2 months since you submitted the request, there is no point in trying to contact the prefecture, your file will be processed shortly but you have to wait.

If it has been 2 months or more and you have not obtained anything (neither certificate of prolongation of instruction nor certificate of favorable decision) then please book an appointment with the CMI Rennes during so that we can check your online account together. In the event of a problem, we will contact the prefecture directly.

You wish to submit a request for a residence permit on the ANEF

It could be both a first request or a renewal request

If you are about to submit a request on the ANEF, find here all the information you need:

>>> if it is a first request
>>> if it is a renewal request

You can get help from a CMI Rennes agent in this process: we will check that the form is filled in correctly and above all that all the downloaded documents are admissible / accepted by the prefecture. 

You have a " mineur scolarisé " or " étudiant - concours " visa and wish to apply for a residence permit for the first time 

You cannot make your request online, you must submit a paper file. 

Prepare your file with the list of the following documents
As soon as your file is ready, you can drop it in the CMI Rennes letterbox (located to the right of the front door) or send it by post - without « recommandé » - to the following address : 

CMI Rennes
Cité Internationale Paul Ricoeur
1 place Paul Ricoeur
35000 RENNES

You can also, if you wish, make an appointment with a person from the CMI so that we can check all the documents together.
If the file is complete, we will give it to our contact in the prefecture. 

You are at the end of your training (Master or engineering cycle) 

...and you wish to apply for an end of studies APS or " job search / business creation " residence permit (RECE)  

All the information on this process is available here.Toutes les informations sur cette démarche sont disponibles ici.

Other requests

Duplicate requests, change of address, DCEM ...
These procedures are to be done online.
> Click here to visit the prefecture online platform