Welcome guide

Rennes International Mobility Centre publishes a guide for international PhD students and researchers: it contains all the practical information you need, from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.
This 7th edition has been produced in January 2019.

It can be downloaded as separate PDF files.

Before you arrive

•    Understanding the French Higher Education system
•    Getting to know Rennes and Brittany
•    Applying for a place in a Higher Education institution
•    What you need to know before you arrive
•    Getting to Rennes

Settling in

•    Getting through the red tape
•    Being welcomed on arrival
•    Finding accommodation
•    Getting insurance
•    Money matters

Everyday life in Rennes

•    Eating
•    Transport
•    Health care
•    Communications
•    Keeping up to date
•    Perfecting your French
•    Finding a student job
•    Having fun
•    Sport
•    Discovering Rennes, Brittany, Paris

Keeping in contact with France

Understanding acronyms and initials

Useful contacts