Services for PhD students & researchers - video

Services for PhD students & researchers - video

The CMI Rennes is a member of the Euraxess network. 

Founded in 2004 and established in 43 countries, the Euraxess network aims to support researchers working abroad, whether they are EU or non-EU nationals.

Coordinated by France Universités, the French network became an association in January 2013. The Euraxess France association now consists of 46 members, including the CMI Rennes. 

As a member of the Euraxess France network, the CMI is playing an important role in the scientific attractiveness and international visibility of the region. Like all Euraxess centers, the CMI Rennes offers free and personalized assistance to international researchers and their families in order to make their stay in France easier, to simplify their daily administrative procedures and to help their integration.

Find out how the CMI can assist you during your stay in France by watching videos of researchers who have already received assistance from a Euraxess center in France.

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