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The CMI Rennes helps PhD students, researchers and their family with the renewal residence permit and visa validation.

Phd Students, researchers and their families, visiting the following establishements can benefit from these services. 
If your establishment is not a member or associated to the CMI Rennes, you cannot benefit from CMI assistance:  your residence permit application have to be done by yourself in the corresponding websites or at the préfecture.

How to apply/ renew your long stay Visa / Residence permit

You are in Rennes and you have to apply for a residence permit, please note that for holders of a Student and Talent Passport for Researchers [Passeport talent chercheur] visa or residence permit, a paperless application process is now available (online application) that you can do . Please find all the information you need ( according to your status ) about the applications down bellow and read it carefully:

If you find difficulties or if it is not possible to submit an application online the CMI offers computers and individual support for completing the process. To benefit of the CMI’s support you must book an appointment:

Practical informations

> Make sure to bring all necessary documents in digital format (USB stick) the day of appointment.

> Following the new online procedure you will no longer receive a “récépissé but a "certificate of deposit" proving that the application has been submitted: this document only acknowledges the reception of your application and its only purpose is to confirm that an application have been submitted

> The official recommendation is to apply 2 to 3 months before your residence permit or visa expires.


Visa validation & APS/RECE: Contact us

  • You have just arrived in Rennes and you have to validate your visa, please find further information here
  • Your residence permit is about to expire and you want to apply for a RECE "job seeker/new business creator"  residence permit ¹(formerly APS end of studies) or extend your stay in case of unintentional loss² of work (end of fixed-term contract), please contact us : cmi-euraxess


¹ the RECE is a one-year visa (with exceptions according to your nationality) that is granted free of charge to foreign (non-EU / Swiss) students who have recently graduated (or about to graduate) with a masters degree/phd degree from a recognized French higher education institution.

² Decree no.2014-921 of 18th of August 2014

To contact the CMI Rennes: