International PhD student or researcher

International PhD student

The IMC is a member of the European EURAXESS Services network, the European interface for international researcher mobility, providing a number of services:
•    before your arrival: the IMC will send you a pre-arrival file, and will help you with entry procedures;
•    on arrival and during your stay: the IMC provides personal assistance with initial administrative procedures, and help with language or intercultural difficulties;
•    full assistance with residence permit applications for PhD students;
•    assists researchers in looking for temporary accommodation.

The Rennes International Mobility Center (IMC) organizes a range of events and visits for international undergraduate and graduate students, PhD students and researchers working in one of our member institutions.

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Before arriving in Rennes, check our guide for international researchers and PhD students in Rennes to help you prepare for your stay.

On arrival in Rennes, you can take advantage of a whole range of services implemented by the Rennes International Mobility Center to help you settle in Rennes: discover the services provided.

During your stay, the IMC will organize a program of events and visits to help you discover Rennes and the surrounding region.

The IMC also provides all kinds of practical information to make life easier during your stay in Rennes (more about this).

Rennes International Mobility Center welcomes you to Rennes and will strive to help you make the most of your stay.

Further information:

EURAXESS centers in France
The Alfred Kastler foundation for international research visitors to France

CMI Rennes' Euraxess Team

International Ph.D students & researchers assistance office
Daria Esikova
T > 02 23 23 75 45

Moisés Hernandez Palacios
T > 02 23 23 75 46

Housing assistance office

T > 02 23 23 75 47

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