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 >>> What is the administrative procedure for renewing my residence document?  

> University student (Licence to Master’s level), see our web page. If you need any details, please contact: cmi-contact@univ-rennes2.fr
> Doctoral student or researcher, request information from the CMI Rennes by sending the team an e-mail at: cmi-euraxess@univ-rennes2.fr  

>>> When and where should I apply to have my residence document renewed?  

2 to 3 months before your residence permit or long-stay visa entitling the bearer to reside on French soil, you must submit an application for a residence document to the Prefecture of your place of residence.  
> I am a doctoral student or researcher at a member establishment or at an research organisation affiliated with the CMI Rennes: your residence document application should be filed with the CMI Rennes.  
> I am a university-level  (Licence, Master’s) or doctoral student with “étudiant” status: you must file your application on the ANEF web platform. If you are enrolled at a member establishment or a research organisation affiliated with the CMI Rennes, you may take advantage of our virtual classes, (overview of the procedure, Q&A), as well as receive individual support by email and video when necessary. 
I have a study visa for minors: you may not file your application via the ANEF -- send us an email with your last name, first name, and a scan of your visa. 



>>> Where can I find the list of documents required? 

Download the list of documents required depending on your status:  
Talent Passport for Researchers” status: click here.
University-Level Student” status: click here.

>>> Can another person carry out the procedure for me? 

No. No other person may file your residence permit application in your stead. You must come in person to collect your proof of application or residence document.  For on-line procedures, you can of course have a friend help you. 

>>> How much time does it take on average to be issued a proof of application or residence document? 

> I am a doctoral student or researcher: once the Prefecture has received your complete file, it will usually take 1 to 2 weeks before you receive written notice that your proof of application is ready for collection.  
> I am a University-level student (Licence, Master, engineer): while there is no set timeframe, the Prefecture’s offices currently need at least 2 months to verify the documents you have filed on-line, review your application and produce your residence document. 

>>> Am I allowed to work, as a holder of a proof of application or statement of receipt?  

If you have submitted one of the following applications, then the receipt allows you to work on French soil:  

- Residence permit for personal and family reasons (some exceptions apply)

- Residence permit (some exceptions apply)

- Residence permit for employees, temporary workers, seasonal workers, ICT posted workers, talent passport 

> University-level student: you will not be issued a proof of application document, but a document certifying that you have completed your application on-line. You will have to wait for the second certificate (once a prefecture official has examined your file) to regain your right to work and to social benefits - Student card.
> Algerian nationals: you must apply for a Provisional Work Permit (Autorisation Provisoire de Travail, APT) from the DIRECCTE. 

>>> How long does it take to be issued a residence document?

Assuming your residence permit application is complete and the prefecture does not request any additional documents to review your request, the average issuing time is 45 to 60 days.  
You will receive a text message when your residence document is available for collection at the prefecture 



>>> How can I renew my residence document? 

Your residence document renewal application is to be filed entirely on-line via the ANEF platform 
All information about this procedure can be found on this page

>>> How long will it take for my residence permit to be produced? 

From the time your application is submitted to the production of your card, 1 to 3 months can be required. 

>>> When do I have to apply to have my residence document renewed? 

We recommend that you apply approximately 3 months before the expiration date of your current residence document. 

>>> Will I be given a proof of application document? 

With the on-line renewal procedure, applicants no longer receive proof of application, and instead, a statement of receipt (which does not replace the proof of application): it is a mere acknowledgement of receipt.  

>>> Does a statement of receipt entitle me to travel? 

The statement of receipt does not entitle you to travel. 

>>> Am I entitled to work and receive social benefits as a bearer of a statement of receipt? 

The statement of receipt does not entitle you to work or receive social benefits. You will have to wait until the Prefecture’s offices have verified your application.
If your application is complete, you will receive a certificate of positive response. This certificate of positive response can be used to seek work and apply for social benefits. 

>>> How can I request a multi-year card when filing my application on-line? 

You can be granted a multi-year card if you are starting an L2 or M1 year, provided that you have no absences from exams the previous year or are not repeating a year. 

>>> Can I send the Prefecture an explanatory letter? 

The on-line procedure does not provide for the option of uploading an explanatory letter. However, if you wish, you can write a message to the Prefecture at the end of the procedure. You will find a dedicated space for this in Step 5 'Recap' at the very bottom. 

>>> I have already validated and submitted my application and I was issued a statement of receipt: how can I modify or add one of the documents uploaded to the platform? 

Once you have validated your application and been issued a statement of receipt, your application is no longer modifiable. If you have forgotten a document or submitted one by mistake, you will have to wait for a Prefecture official to review your file and ask you to make further submissions. There is no other way to supplement your application.  

>>> I filed my application on-line but the statement of receipt does not entitle me to continue working and my residence permit is expiring soon: how can I continue to work? 

Please send your request to the using the following address: pref-usager-etranger@ille-et-vilaine.gouv.fr specifying "urgent - rupture de droit au travail [“urgent - cessation of right to work”] in the subject line of your mail  
Remember to attach a copy of your residence document, the statement of receipt of your on-line renewal application and your employment contract.  

>>> I filed my application on-line, but received a message from the Prefecture that my application has been closed and that my file will be reviewed in paper form: what should I do? 

Due to a technical problem, your application cannot be handled on-line by the Prefecture. However, as you have already submitted supporting documents on-line, they will print them out, review your application, then call you to the Prefecture. You will receive an email for the appointment. 

Questions about e-photos

>>> What is the e-photo? 

The e-photo is a digital photo. You will receive a print with 2-4 photos and a number. This is the number you will need to enter in the ANEF platform.

>>> Can I scan a normal photo into the ANEF platform (as was the case in past years) as part of my application for residence document renewal? 

No, the new procedure does not provide for the option of uploading your own scanned photo. You will be required to enter an e-photo number.

>>> Where can I produce an e-photo ? 

You can have your e-photo taken by a photographer or in a photo booth. Please choose the “residence permit card (titre de séjour)” option to receive your e-photo. 
A list of the photo booths in Rennes can be found here


Questions about financial resources

>>> I am provided for by another person, whose bank refuses to provide certified proof of scheduled transfer to my account: what should I do? 

In lieu of the certificate, you will need to provide the person’s last 3 pay slips, their income tax statement, a sworn statement attesting to this financial assistance and a copy of the person’s ID card. 
We also recommend, given your situation, that you upload your last 3 bank statements in the “sufficient resources” section, showing the transfers received from the person providing for you. 

>>> I am lodged free of charge: how can I specify this in the on-line procedure? 

If you are lodged free of charge, you will need to specify this in Step 3 of the on-line procedure. Do so by ticking the box “I am lodged free of charge”. 

>>> What is the minimum level of financial resources required by the Prefecture? 

As a general rule, applicants must have monthly income of 615 euros (6150 euros for the year). If you do not fulfil this requirement, the Prefecture official will review your application and ask you to submit further documents. 



>>> How much is the tax for a residence document?  

The tax charge required for residence documents varies depending on the type of document sought.  
Click on this link for further information.  
You will pay for your revenue stamp upon collecting your residence document.  

>>> Where can I buy a revenue stamp?  

Revenue stamps can be purchased on-line via this link or at a tobacconist’s.  




>>> Can I travel with proof of application for a renewal or first-time residence document, or a statement of receipt? 

Proof of application for a first-time residence document does not entitle you to re-enter France. Unless you can show a valid residence document or proof of application for residence document renewal, you will have to go to the nearest French consulate to apply for a return visa once you are in the country you are planning to visit. 
Proof of application for residence document renewal entitles the bearer to travel throughout its period of validity.  
The certificate of prolongation and the statement of positive decision "attestation de décision favorable" (in the case of a renewal and not in the case of a first request) can be used to travel.
The statement of submission cannot be used to travel. 

>>> I lost my residence document while abroad: how can I return to France?  

To return to France you will need to apply for a return visa from the French consular services of the country you are visiting.  

>>> Can I travel with a residence document that does not cover the duration of my trip?   

If your residence document expires during the time of your stay outside France and you do not have a receipt for a residence permit renewal application, you will need a return visa to return to French soil. Contact the French consular authorities abroad to receive one.  

>>> Can I travel with a Temporary Residence Permit?  

Temporary Residence Permits entitle their bearer (except asylum seekers or those with exceptional admission to stay) to travel within the limit of the document's period of validity. 


>>> I hold a Student Residence Permit, have completed my coursework and wish to stay in France to look for a job.

You may apply for a Job Search/Business Creation Residence Permit to look for a job or start your business in France. 
Further information can be found at: https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F17319 
If you have applied to have your Residence Document extended, to complete a Master's degree via the CMI, you can send us the certificate of successful completion of the degree and proof of social security to apply for a Jobseeker’s Residence Permit. If you have not applied for an extension from the CMI, you must submit your application to the Prefecture as shown on our site

>>> I hold a Residence Permit Passport Talent Researcher, have completed my research work and wish to stay in France to look for a job.

You may apply for a Job Search/Business Creation Residence Permit to look for a job or start your business in France. 
Further information can be found at:https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F17319 

>>> I am a national of a country that has concluded an agreement on migratory flows with France, have completed my studies and wish to stay in France to look for a job.

 You are not eligible for a “Jobseeker’s Residence Permit”. You may, however, apply for a Temporary Residence Stay for Completion of Studies. 
View the list of countries eligible here.

>>> I am an Algerian national, have completed my studies and wish to stay in France to look for a job.

Pursuant to the Agreement of 27 December 1968 between France and Algeria, you are not eligible for the Job Seekers/Company Creation Residence Permit or the Temporary Stay Permit for End of Studies. Other rules apply to your status. Click on this link for more information. https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F2215 

>>> Information about “Jobseeker’s” Residence Documents.

The residence permit for “jobseekers/business creators” is valid for 12 months and cannot be renewed with the same status. 
Bearers of a “jobseekers/business creators” residence document may not, upon expiration of that document, apply for a “student” residence permit. 

>>> Am I allowed to work, as a bearer of a “jobseekers/business creators” residence document?  

Until they sign a definitive employment contract, whether fixed-term (“CANDIDATE”) or open-ended (“CDI”), foreign students and researchers holding a “jobseeker’s/business creator’s” residence permit are authorised to work at a business. 

Once you have found a job, you must change your status to “temporary worker” or “employee” or "talent passport”, at the Prefecture of your place of residence. 



>>> My residence document was lost/stolen: what is the procedure? 

If you are currently abroad:  to re-enter France, you must apply for a return visa from the French consular services.  
If you are in France: to receive a duplicate of your residence document, complete the procedure on the Ministry of the Interior’s website.
Please be reminded that:  your duplicate visa will bear the same validity dates as the lost or stolen residence document. 

>>> I have a new address: what should I do?  

All foreign nationals in possession of a residence permit valid more than one year are required to declare their new address to the prefecture of the place of residence within 3 months of the change of address.  
This procedure must be carried out on-line at the Ministry of the Interior’s website. 

>>> What is the DCEM?  My children have to travel: how can they re-enter France? 

The DCEM is a Travel Document for Foreign Minors.  It helps facilitate travel outside France for under-aged children residing in France.  
The person vested with parental authority must file an application for this document with the Prefecture by clicking here
The document is valid for a period of 5 years.  

>>> Will I continue to receive family-related benefits (CAF) if my residence permit has expired? 

To receive CAF benefits, you must legally reside in France and therefore be able to show a valid residence document or proof of application for residence document renewal or a certificate issued by the prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine extending your rights to benefits, or the certificates of extension of application review and certificate of positive decision available on the ANEF platform (in your user account).  
See this link for more information: https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F2787 


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