COVID-19: traveling rules and health pass

Last updated on: 10/12/2021

The health rules as well as the travel rules change very frequently because of the new epidemic outbreak. It could be difficult to navigate on the different pages of the government site and find the information you need. The main latest travel and health pass measures are listed below. 


Traveling during the Christmas holidays?

Some students want to go home and reunite with their families for the holidays. If this is your case, here is the information to consider before deciding to travel this winter: 

  • The flows of travelers between France and foreign countries are opened according to restrictions which vary according to the health situation in each country and the vaccination status of travelers. A classification of countries has been defined on the basis of health indicators: green, orange, red and scarlet red. It is not recommended to travel to “red” and “scarlet red” countries during the Christmas holidays.


Click on the map above to access the government site and the updated map.

  • Remember to look at the information relating to travel in the country of destination: are borders open or not, will you be able to come back in France, is there a quarantine, pressing grounds for travel, vaccination or PCR / antigen test regulations in the country of destination as well as for the means of transport used . 
  • CMI officers also remind all international students, doctoral students and researchers that a valid residence permit will be required to enter French territoryIf your residence permit expires by your date of return to France, that you didn’t receive the new one, and wont be able to show the authorities your extension certificate or a favorable decision certificate, do not take the risk of traveling outside the French territory.  
  • Since December 4th, anyone entering French territory must present a negative PCR or antigen test of less than 24 hours or 48 hours depending on the country of origin . Except for residents of the European Union with a complete vaccination schedule.
  • If you are traveling to a red or scarlet red country, you are advised to complete this form prior to your return to France: 


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Regarding the European Health Pass 

  • As of December 15th, the rules of the “European health pass” change for people who got vaccinated with Janssen (Johnson & johnson): People vaccinated with Janssen who have had a single dose before October 17th, must have made their additional injection by December 15th. Otherwise, heir health pass will be deactivated.   
  • For those who have already completed a full vaccination schedule (AstraZeneca / Moderna / Pfizer), a simulator has been put online by health insurance in order to let you know the date on which you must make your 3 rd dose (booster). Calculate your recall date here :   
  • If you want to, you can make an appointment on Doctolib to get vaccinated. Please note that there are very few appointments available at the moment. In France, vaccination is free. 
  • You have a health pass issued in your country of origin and you want to have it transcribed to obtain the European health pass? Click here .  

To find out more about vaccination and the European health pass in France, click here