Important: residence permit renewal applications deadlines

Please note: you must submit your application for a "Student", "Passeport Talent" or "Visitor" residence permit renewal on the ANEF website within 120 days to 60 days before your residence permit expires.
CMI Rennes staff advises you to apply as soon as possible: ideally, 4 to 3 months before the expiry of your current title.

With the online renewal procedure, you will no longer receive a "récépissé" but a certificate of submissiona delivery receipt which confirms that your application has been submitted.

Please note that this certificate of submission:

  • does not allow to justify the legality of your stay;
  • does not provide any rights (Caf, etc.);
  • does not allow you to work in France;
  • does not allow you to cross the borders of the Schengen Area.

In the future, the prefecture could charge with a 180 euros fee for any request made less than two months before the expiry of the current title.

It is strongly advised to submit the application online with the assistance of the CMI Rennes staff. The team will provide assistance on a case-by-case basis, and will advise you on the documents to submit in order to ensure that your file is complete and admissible.

For more information about how to do your renewal request,

click here if you are a student
click here if you are a PhD student / researcher

To make an appointment at the CMI Rennes, click here.